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Jalsa FULL Movie Review - Live Updates from different parts of world

JALSA Premier Show for Family members has just now completed @ Prasad Labs.

The Mid-Night shows have been cancelled in many places except in Ceded. The shows in Ceded are about to start in few minutes.

Midnight Show @ Jayasham, Tirupathi is scheduled to begin in an hour. Stay tuned for the LIVE COVERAGE!

Midnight Show @ Jayasham, Tirupathi is scheduled to begin in few more minutes....

People who have watched the Premier Show are very confident on the success of the Movie at the Box-office. We have just spoken to a person who watched the Premier Show @ Prasad Labs. He seemed to be very much saticfied with the Movie. Looks like Pawan Kalyan has finally got the Break he was looking for. According to our sources Mahesh's voice over is a Grand Success too. It comes in various parts throughout the Movie and the dailogues are also blended in a good manner. Stay tuned for the LIVE COVERAGE!

show has just started.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our guys had a chat with a gal who saw the premier show in hyderabad prasads...
Reaction of lady fan after watching JALSA premiere...
Just now our childhood friend and born fan of pawan kalyan -> kalyan from chennai called us and told the info about the movie.. just see what hez tellin..
Reaction of power fan from chennai

one highlight of Jalsa is Mahesh's voice over..and its going to come at 3 parts in the movie.. and mahesh is Pawan's friend in the movie.. and he starts the movie narrating sanjay sahu's(pawan kalyan) story..

Xclusively for PRINCE fans ::::: check out Mahesh Babu dialog in Jalsa :)

The Movie starts off with "Special thanks to Mahesh Babu" which has got a Tremendrous response in the theater. Mahesh introduces Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan's falshback is also told by Mahesh. The Introduction fight is excellently composed. In the flashback Pawan Kalyan is betrayed by Prakashraj who plays Kamalinee Mukharjee's father. Pawan Kalyan and Kamalinee decide to marry but Prakashraj gets her married to someother person. Dipressed with his lost love Pawan Kalyan in the present will be drinking everynight. Illeana is introduced and the 1st song oy the Movie You n I has just now started.

The song is OK. Parvathi Melton and Illeana play buddies and both of them go gaga over Pawan Kalyan. Parvathi Melton expresses her love while Illeana stays clam. Pawan Kalyan rejects her love. Sunil plays a role where he predicts what happens 10 minutes later and the comedy is hillarous. Illeana meets Pawan Kalyan and the scenes between them are good. Mukesh Rushi plays the role of a Mafia Don. All the characters till now are introduced by Mahesh. The 2nd song My Heart is Beating.. has begun just now. Till now the main saving grace is Comedy and Pawan Kalyan.

The second song is picturised well. It shows the love budding between Pawan Kalyan and Illeana. Meanwhile Mukesh rushi is caught by the police. He is surprised when he comes accross Pawan Kalyan on his way to the jail. He gets his proteges to investigate his where abouts and asks them to kill him. But due to unkown reasons the whole plan is dropped in the last minute. The movie seems to have slowed down a little bit after the 2nd song.

The love scenes between Pawan Kalyan and Illeana are good. Illeana gets impressed by the deeds of the Hero. She expresses her love and the 3rd song Gaalo thelinattundhe.. has started just now. The movie is so far so good, neither great nor nothing bad! Trivikram's trademark dailogues are entertaining the audience.

The song has been shot indoor and the picturisation seems to be OK. Ali plays Pawan Kalyan's friend. He gets kidnapped and killed by the villans. Pawan Kalyan then reveals his identity to his other friends...


Interval Report : precised

The 1st half os over a few minutes ago and seems to be satisfactory. There are 2 fights and 3 songs in the 1st half. The introduction scenes of Hero and Villan are impressive. Picturisation of the songs are not as great as expected. The comedy is good and the screenplay is average. The scene between Prakashraj and Pawan Kalyan is highlight scene of the 1st half.

2nd half started... and people are roaring like anything..

our guys were taking the feedback from fans as well as antifans.. lets see how the reports will come..

Post Interval comes the Flashback. Pawan Kalyan in his childhood gets influenced by the society and joins the naxalites. Prakashraj plays the Police officer and comes to the forrest. Pawan Kalyan meets Prakash raj for the 1st time here. He escapes from the police and in the chase they kidnap Prakashraj and take him into the Jungle. Then comes the 4th song Chalore...Chalore.... has begun.

After a series of slow and socialistic scenes Pawan Kalyan decides to get out of the naxalites. Brahmanandham plays the role of a Head Constable. His intro which is a spoof of Mahesh's Police Intro in Pokiri is hillarous and has got the maximum response from the crowds. Illeana gets upset with Pawan Kalyan for hiding his flashback. Pawan Kalyan tries to convience her and the 5th song Jennifer Lopez.... ha begun. The timing of this song seems to be bad.

The choreography of the song is OK. After the song the lead pair sort out the differences. The villans enter and try to kill Pawan Kalyan. Then comes the 6th song Jalsa..Jalsa.... .Pawan Kalyan fights with the goons while this song goes in the background. The director might have tried to workout something new but his idea has failed to reach the audience. The pace and narration has been a let down from the 5th song.

Couple of episodes shown between villans and pawan which lead to climax of the movie. you must go and watch it in theatres... atleast let us keep the climax secret and you people enjoy it in theatres tomorrow.. :)

Fans response from nellore...
2nd half report by a fan
Fans Feelings :: Movie is very GooD but Not Excellent !!!

updates for every 5 minutes.... STAY TUNED.....

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